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Welcome to huco sport.


Our English pages will be published soon. Until then please visit the other language versions. 


huco sport - profile helps you find pleasure and joy in physical activity. huco sport - profile helps you identify your preferred and motivating way to exercise sports. When you do sports in your natural, preferred way, exercise feels good and it is easier to make sports into healthy way of life. 


The profile helps you find motivating targets. When you set targets in a way that is your preferred style, the targets become the back bone of your motivation and the follow up of progress strengthens your motivation. Measuring how you reach your targets makes progress visible, which maintains your belief in success. The right kind of measuring and follow-up helps you keep up the motivation along the way. You get the most benefit out of huco sport - profile, when you ask a personal trainer / fitness instructor to design suitable exercise plan that matches your personal, preferred style.


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