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Wellbeing Navigator

With the Wellbeing Navigator, you will find the right wellbeing path for you.


Did you know that.

Change starts with insight? To find the best path to wellbeing, you need to know where your destination is.

We can compare navigating the path of wellbeing to the use of a navigator in cars, for example. First you set a destination, deciding where you want to go, and then the navigator locates where you are and gives you alternative routes to your destination. If you set your destination to Liverpool and start in London, the routes offered by the navigator will be different than if you started in Southampton.

The Wellbeing Navigator works on the same principle. It will locate you and find the most suitable options for your starting situation so that you do not get lost in the path of wellbeing, but can definitely achieve your goal.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

Habits are interlinked and there is a causal relationship between them; one bad habit follows another. We cannot change that “other” routine until we recognize which of our habits needs to change first in order to succeed. A good example of this is too little sleep and recovery time which results in, for example, eating and mobility challenges. We can’t meaningfully and effectively change our eating habits if we don’t take care of the sleep first.

To be successful, we need to find the things that are at the heart of everything; the “root causes” through which many other things start to “heal” almost as if by themselves.

With the Wellbeing Navigator, you outline alternative wellbeing paths and, in particular, the best path for you.

Where does your path to wellbeing begin?

The Wellbeing Navigator will help you to realize your strengths so you can take advantage of them on your path. In addition, you will identify potential sites of development and pitfalls. It is easier to avoid temptation than to resist it.

Your Wellbeing Navigator is based on a dynamic survey you do online. The survey creates a visual report which will give you a comprehensive picture of your starting situation. You will discover new things about the habits that affect your wellbeing and how one action leads to another. Based on the insights, you can outline what the right wellbeing path is for you.

The Wellbeing Navigator gives a good overall picture.

The report covers four areas:

  • Preferred style
  • Exercise to maintain health
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep and recovery

The Wellbeing Navigator is currently the only report on the market that provides a visual representation of the adoption of lifestyles that support your wellbeing. This visuality gives a meaningful reading of the results because it supports the recognition of cause-and-effect relationships.

In addition, it is the only report that suggests your preferred style to strengthen and maintain your motivation over time. It is an insightful tool for self-reflection.

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