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Do you want to be more energetic and better able to manage your everyday life?

Wellbeing Navigator

With the Wellbeing Navigator, you will find the right wellbeing path for you.

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Your Personal Guide to a Healthier You!

Embarking on the journey to wellbeing is like navigating a road trip. To reach your destination, you must first know where you’re starting. Picture it like setting a destination on your car’s navigator. You decide where you want to go, and the navigator finds your current location, offering alternative routes based on where you begin. Whether starting in London or Southampton, the navigator tailors the journey accordingly.

The Wellbeing Navigator operates on a similar principle, ensuring you don’t lose your way on the path to wellbeing. Instead, it pinpoints your starting point and identifies the most suitable options for your unique situation, guiding you toward your goal.

Key Insight: Knowing yourself is the catalyst for change.

Our habits are interconnected, forming a chain reaction. To break this cycle, we must recognize which habits to address first. For example, insufficient sleep may lead to challenges in eating and mobility. By prioritizing sleep, we pave the way for meaningful changes in other areas.

Success lies in uncovering the root causes. The Wellbeing Navigator helps you chart alternative paths, focusing on the one that suits you best.

Where does your path to wellbeing begin?

Discover your strengths, potential areas for improvement, and potential pitfalls with the Wellbeing Navigator. Resist temptations by identifying and avoiding them. The dynamic online survey generates a visual report, providing a comprehensive snapshot of your current situation. Gain insights into how your habits influence each other and use this knowledge to outline your ideal path to wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Navigator offers a holistic view across four key areas:


It stands out as the only report on the market offering a visual representation of lifestyle choices that support your wellbeing. This visual element enhances the understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Additionally, it suggests your preferred style to bolster and sustain motivation over time, making it a valuable tool for self-reflection.

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