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Ensure the effectiveness of your coaching.

Elevate Corporate Wellbeing with the Wellbeing Navigator

Welcome to the future of corporate wellness! The Wellbeing Navigator is your strategic partner in promoting employee wellbeing. Tailored for corporate wellbeing providers, our dynamic online survey and insights-driven approach empower you to create healthier, more motivated teams.

The Wellbeing Navigator survey add value and effectiveness to your corporate health offering. You will also reach the people who need your support the most.

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Unlock Employee Wellbeing Like Never Before

The Wellbeing Navigator isn’t just a survey; it’s a journey. Gain deep insights into your employees’ wellbeing, pinpointing habits that matter the most. Discover how these habits interconnect, and understand the “root causes” behind wellness challenges.

For corporate health providers, the Wellbeing Navigator is a game-changer. The data it provides allows you to tailor health offerings to those who need them most, ensuring a more targeted and effective approach.

Most of our customers who offer corporate health services use Wellbeing Navigator, around which you can easily and meaningfully build:

  • Wellbeing lectures
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • A longer-term corporate health project

Our data-driven insights provide corporate wellbeing providers like you with the tools to craft targeted health offerings. Ensure that wellness initiatives are precisely aligned with employee needs, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Our wellbeing services are used for the following purposes:

  • increasing personal wellbeing.
  • increasing organization-wide wellbeing
  • increasing the efficiency of the usage of the corporate health budget
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Your Four-Pronged Wellbeing Navigator

  • Preferred Style: Identify individual motivation drivers.
  • Exercise: Tailor fitness routines for optimal health.
  • Nutrition: Understand eating habits and nutritional choices.
  • Sleep: Optimize rest and recovery for peak performance.


The Wellbeing Navigator is an innovative online survey designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of your current wellbeing. By answering a series of questions, you will receive a visual report that reveals the intricate connections between your habits and overall wellbeing. Armed with these insights, you can embark on a personalized wellbeing journey tailored to your unique needs.

Corporate Wellbeing With Increased Self-Awareness

Wellbeing Navigator is suitable for both individuals and organizations. The resulting report increases self-awareness and reveals the strengths and weaknesses associated with maintaining wellbeing. As you learn to recognize your own preferred style, you will come to understand which things consume and which create energy. Good self-knowledge is a prerequisite for self-management.

The better you learn to lead yourself in different areas of wellbeing, the better and longer-lasting your results will be. Self-management, for example, is the ability to consciously choose the right course of action and avoid those that reduce motivation. Learning new ways to strengthen wellbeing is often challenging. The chances of success are better when you learn in a way that suits your style.

Our workshop concepts are impressive. The attached result is from a 12-week corporate health program, which was aimed at inactive people.
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The service can be applied to companies of different sizes and in different industries. The service can be targeted towards the following individuals or groups:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • organizations
The Wellbeing Navigator is not just a report; it’s a visual representation of your wellbeing journey. This unique feature makes it easier to grasp cause-and-effect relationships and maintain motivation over time. It’s a powerful tool for self-reflection and growth.

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