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Achieve even more as an athlete.

Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator

When you understand your own preferred style, you will be able to guide and motivate yourself and take actions that will help you get even more out of yourself.
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Consider this.

With the personal Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, you will find a motivating way to play that suits your style. Creating and maintaining motivation is one of the most important things in succeeding and developing as an athlete.

When training is planned and carried out in a way that supports your own preferred style, and when you can increase your mental strength in competition, you are more likely to achieve your athletic goals.

The goal of every athlete is to win. With the Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, you’ll find a convenient, motivating way to set and track your goals. Monitoring the achievement of goals supports your motivation along the way.

You will get the most out of the report when your coach uses the profile to design a training plan that suits your style.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

In conjunction with our professional coaches, we have developed the Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, which features our already familiar huco sport PRO profile and which shows the athlete’s preferred style, with the addition of the following elements:

  • training
  • nutrition
  • recovery

The visual presentation of the results ensures your analysis is meaningful and relevant.

An athlete’s profile helps

  • identify what motivates you and how that motivation can be maintained.

  • to identify exercises in your comfort zone to promote success.

  • strengthen your self-leadership in sport, for example in competitions.


The coach benefits include

  • motivating athletes means you need to know them and their preferred style.
  • you will be able to guide the athlete in a style that suits them.
  • you will understand the different styles of athletes within a team.


The profile says nothing about athletic activity, talent, or skills. It is not an estimation of sporting success. All styles can be equally successful. The key is to identify your own style, and its strengths and the possible pitfalls.

In addition to the preferred style, the profile tells how the style changes under pressure, such as in a competitive situation.

Ps. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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