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Achieve even more as an athlete.

Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator

Unlock your full potential by understanding your unique style. The Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator empowers you to guide and motivate yourself, helping you achieve greater success.
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Consider this

With the personal Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, you’ll discover a motivating approach that aligns with your style. Maintaining motivation is crucial for success and development as an athlete.

When your training is designed to support your preferred style and enhance your mental strength during competitions, you’re more likely to reach your athletic goals.

The ultimate goal of any athlete is to win. The Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator provides a convenient, motivating way to set and track your goals, helping sustain your motivation throughout your journey.

Maximize the benefits of the report by having your coach use it to tailor a training plan that suits your style.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

Developed in collaboration with professional coaches, the Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator incorporates the renowned  hucosport PRO profile, highlighting your preferred style along with:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

The visual presentation of results ensures your analysis is both meaningful and relevant.

Your wellbeing navigator

Benefits for Athletes

  • Identify What Motivates You: Understand and maintain your motivation.

  • Tailored Exercises: Find exercises within your comfort zone to enhance success.

  • Strengthen Self-Leadership: Improve your self-management skills in sports, especially during competitions.


Benefits for Coaches

  • Understand Athlete Styles: Gain insights into the preferred styles of your athletes.
  • Tailored Guidance: Guide athletes in a manner that suits their individual styles.
  • Team Dynamics: Understand the different styles within a team for better management.


The profile doesn’t assess athletic activity, talent, or skills. It isn’t a measure of sporting success. Every style can be equally successful; the key is identifying your style, its strengths, and potential pitfalls.

In addition to your preferred style, the profile reveals how your style adapts under pressure, such as in competitive situations.

In addition to the preferred style, the profile tells how the style changes under pressure, such as in a competitive situation.

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