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Wellbeing coaches: Susanne Valkeakari and Petteri Korkala.

Susanne Valkeakari (M.A.) is a coach and a co-owner of the Wellbeing Factory. Prior to her career as a wellbeing coach, she worked in the business consulting units of ICT companies and as a business coach. Even then, she emphasized the importance of good physical fitness in terms of competence and ability to work. According to Susanne, this is a broad equation: change, interaction skills, learning, and coping at work are linked to physical wellbeing. As a wellbeing coach, Susanne does not criticize or blame, but helps clients find motivation and ways to act that make sense to them. Susanne herself draws strength from moving in the woods.

Petteri Korkala (drs.) is a coach and a co-owner of the Wellbeing Factory. Petteri’s first career was as a professional football player in Germany and the Netherlands. Having been a goalkeeper, the active training is still reflected in his determined attitude and way of working. Petteri feels that, as an entrepreneur, he must take care of himself. For him, exercise and a healthy diet have always been important, and he has always lived a healthy life. Recently, Petteri’s exercise routine has become more about maintaining health than pursuing excellence. Petteri has a license as a personal trainer and a master’s degree in economic geography.

Susanne ja Petteri

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Petteri Korkala
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