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Identify different eating habits and your own!

huco diet

With a personal huco diet profile, you will see your weight loss and related challenges in a new light.
huco diet

Do you know that.

With self-knowledge, losing weight is easier!

The huco diet profile maps your current attitudes and behavior in three different areas:

  • eating
  • exercising
  • attitudes to everyday life


These are three areas that, alone, do not guarantee complete and successful weight management. The sub-areas are interdependent and the management of each area together ensures healthy results in weight management..


Once you have found the different patterns in your eating habits, you will see dieting and the challenges and problems associated with it in a new light. You will understand how different people’s attitudes towards eating are. Thanks to this new self-awareness, you will start losing weight more easily and effectively, and you will finally be able to design a diet that is right for you.


If you want to lose weight permanently and in a healthy way, exercise should be part of your life. Adding physical activity to everyday activities is easier when you have identified your own exercise habits. Some need help to start exercising at all, while others want to intensify their routines. Knowing what kind of exercise is right for your style helps each of us to start and keep up with regular exercise.


If stress can make you obese, as some researchers say, does that mean a more balanced and peaceful life can make you leaner? Those who can shape their own attitudes and behaviors are more motivated to stick to healthy dieting and thus get better results. For many, understanding their own attitude style is the missing piece in a weight loss puzzle that consists of these three parts.

User opinions.

“The huco diet profile is good because you finally have to really think about your own habits. The results are in the form of clear diagrams and are easy to interpret; you can see your own problems and the suggested development points straight away. The personal profile gives you great tips on all the points you need to develop. This is a good tool for if you are completely lost in how you should change your activities or for getting support if your journey of change has already begun. An absolute plus for peer support! It is great to exchange ideas with peers in the same situation! It is fun group, not to mention the knowledgeable and articulate representatives of Huco Sport. I have to say that I recommend it.”

“The profile opened my eyes. It was pretty easy to answer the survey; the questions were clear and there were enough answer options. It really took no more than 10 minutes. Answering was kind of fun even when, while filling in the survey, I realized my own “eating” mistakes and excuses to avoid a healthy lifestyle. I usually struggle if there is a lot of text but the finished profile is short and easy to read, so it was clear. The instructions and tips are easy and are partly so-called “obvious” things that appear on the profile as a good reminder. Yes, I recommend others make their own profile and see the “hidden” mistakes in their own daily routines.”

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