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Here we answer a few general questions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The starting point is different. Huco profiles are based on a person’s personality, which is taken into account when planning exercise. The same advice does not motivate everyone in the same way. By understanding your personal style, you can choose a style that motivates you to exercise and find the sports that are right for you. Other exercise programs start from an exercise perspective and do not consider a person’s personality and the demands placed on it.

Huco profiles preferred styles are based on our development of TAZ! thinking and action zone® profile, which we use in corporate coaching. Huco profiles are based on this profile and tailored to the world of exercise and wellbeing. We have a lot of customers who have done TAZ! and Huco Move profiles over the years, and most of their two profiles have been different. With this difference, it has become clear to many exercisers why they have not necessarily gained a healthy life through exercise.

The huco profile is a tool to guide you, but it’s not “idiot-proof”. The environment in which you conducted the survey, your possible state of pressure or stress, and if you responded with what you would like to be like and not how you currently operate, can all affect the results. Read the text report that came with your profile and the descriptions of the different styles, then compare your own profile to other style descriptions to find the ones that best describe you.

No. The absolute value of a particular style on the profile is not directly comparable to the value of another person’s preferred style. It is important to look at the strongest color blocks in your profile. Why some people have a big profile picture and others a smaller one is due to the person’s response scale. Some prefer the extremes of the scale and others choose more middle options.

To compare your results to a friend’s profile, see the percentage results on the profile page represented by the pie charts.

Remember, most of us have a combination of a few different styles. Less than 10% of people are in a single “color” alone.

For some, exercise can be boring. The key is to combine exercise with your own preferred style and to find a way to motivate yourself. When you approach exercise through your own personality, you will be more successful and energetic, and exercising will no longer be boring. Each style has its own motivating factors, but also its own pitfalls. With your Huco profile, you will learn to recognize these.

No. It is important to understand that one style is not better or worse than another. Your Huco profile is not a judgement. Any style can reach their goals if they want to and are willing to work towards it. A profile helps you guide yourself as an exerciser, even you are lacking in motivation.

No. You can practice any sport with each style. The profile will help you to find the right arguments in favor of different sports. You will benefit from the profile, whether you train alone at home or outdoors, whether you go to the gym to lift weights or take group exercise classes.

The founders of huco-human core profiles come from corporate coaching, profiling, market research, and professional sports. We combined these areas of expertise in the development of huco profiles.

Ps. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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