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Want to develop team resilience?

Team resilience

If a team isn’t resilient, it won’t matter if the individual players are resilient.

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Consider this.

Success comes from working together. When each team member is resilient, then the resilience potential of the team is strong. Too often, however, this potential is left untapped, and the team is limited by its least resilient member. Especially in “tight spots”, it takes the full potential of the team to succeed. Strengthening competitiveness also requires resilience from teams. This means no one will ‘throw in the towel’ when sudden, unexpected situations come up.

Identify and develop your team’s resilience.

With the new team resilience profile, you can determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses. You will get insight into what should be developed for better results. You should not develop an area that everyone knows is weak, which is a symptom, when the root cause is somewhere else. Treating the symptom does not have long-lasting results. You have to get to the root cause. With the data provided by the profile, you get to the heart of the matter right away.

Developing team resilience starts with a resilience profile for your team. This is based on a survey completed by each player on the team. An anonymous summary of the responses is made and documented in the form of graphs. The responses of any single player cannot be traced.


The team resilience report has nine dimensions:

  • Showing appreciation
  • Confidence
  • Diversity
  • Working under pressure
  • Decision-making
  • Finding a solution
  • Only as a team will we succeed
  • Communication
  • Common goal

The visual presentation of the results ensures your analysis is meaningful and relevant.

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