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Do you want to develop your skills as a team coach?

The trainer's preferred style

The trainer’s preferred style profile can be used to improve the productivity and performance of a coaching team.
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This service is based on a personal TAZ thinking and action zone survey of the coach, which shows their preferred style. The profile creates a visual representation and can represent am individual trainer or the entire trainer team.

Identify the practices of yourself and your coaching team.

Profiles help to identify the different patterns of human behavior that cause conflict, quarrels, or underperformance. The profile can also be used to outline what can improve coach performance at the individual or team level. Using this information throughout the coaching process creates the opportunity for both individual coaches and coaching teams to make changes in a way that makes sense to them.

At the heart of the service are TAZ profiles for individual coaches that provides a visual model of how they work in the coaching team. The profile creates models for both normal situations and situations where the person is stressed. By combining the profiles of a coaching team into one image, it is easy to see what kind of preferred patterns of action different coaches have and how their ways of working fit together.

The visual presentation of the results ensures meaningful and relevant analysis of the results.

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