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Here, you will find wellbeing coaching and surveys with results that really have an impact.

Motivation with the help of the preferred style is at the center of our services. 

Which of these styles best describes you?


Encouraging and relaxed atmosphere motivates.
Find an encouraging and relaxed group or ask a friend or family member to join you. Find out and appreciate your strengths, learn to use them. Be spontaneous and enjoy trying new. Make sure there is an attractive surrounding, like out in the nature or music. Have fun.


Vision, options and new ideas motivate.
Make sure you see the big picture and vision. Look for new, trendy and creative ways. You appreciate being independent or with other likeminded people, who think fast and enjoy challenges. Find ways to be flexible and leave room for last minute changes, keep you options open.


Theory, statistics and
measured results motivate.
Set realistic goals and milestones. Be realistic, find out facts and statistics of what is possible for you. Measure progress with technical device or software. Make sure you use your time in an efficient way to get results. You have a strong need to know and thus approach new things often critically.


Good planning, clarity and knowing ’how to’ motivates.
Find out what needs to be done and how to do it. Get clear instructions and guidance set a realistic schedule. Make a plan and create good routines. Reflect and learn from experience and what has worked well. Focus on positive but create plans for the unexpected to overcome them.

We each have characteristics of all styles. However, some characteristics are stronger than others, and these things are important for motivation.

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Olen liikunta-alan ammattilainen

I am a personal trainer

Recognize your client’s preferred style and ensure functional interaction right from the start.

Olen TYHY-palvelun tarjoaja

I am a corporate health provider

Our wellbeing surveys bring add value and effectiveness to what you offer. You can also reach the people who need your support the most.

Olen urheiluvalmentaja

I'm a sports coach

When you understand your own preferred style and the styles of your athletes, you will be able to interact in a way that allows athletes to make the most of themselves.

Löydä liikunnan ilo

I want to start exercising

Start an active life in a way that suits you. Identify what really motivates you to move.

huco move

I am already quite active

Recognize what really motivates you to move and how you can maintain that motivation - even in difficult times.

Urheilijan hyvinvointinavigaattori

I am an athlete

Develop yourself as an athlete and identify the motivational factors that will help you take the next step towards victory.