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Olen liikunta-alan ammattilainen

I am a personal trainer

Enhance client interaction by understanding their preferred style right from the start.

Olen TYHY-palvelun tarjoaja

I am a corporate health provider

Add value to your offerings with our well-being surveys. You also reach the people who need your support the most.

Olen urheiluvalmentaja

I'm a sports coach

When you understand your own preferred style and the styles of your athletes, you will be able to interact in a way that allows athletes to make the most of themselves.

Löydä liikunnan ilo

I want to start exercising

Start an active life in a way that suits you. Kickstart your active lifestyle by identifying your true motivators

huco move

I am already quite active

Sustain your motivation for physical activity, even during challenging times

Urheilijan hyvinvointinavigaattori

I am an athlete

Elevate your performance by uncovering your unique motivational factors.