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Achieve even more as a coach.

Sports coach.

When you understand your own preferred coaching style and the styles of your athletes, you will be able to interact in ways that get even more out of your athletes.

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Consider this.

How well do you really know your athletes? Do you know how they think and act? How they eat, their stress in different areas of life, and how they recover?

The secret to using an athlete’s psychological resources lies in finding their preferred style and identifying their personal motivational factors, and especially the ability to maintain their motivation. To stay motivated, it’s important to set the right kind of goals, to make the right kind of plan, and to track progress in a way that suits their style. Different styles have different attitudes toward goals, plans, and feedback. In particular, help is needed to support athlete motivation and self-management.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

In conjunction with our professional coaches, we have developed the Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, which features our already familiar Huco Sport PRO profile and which shows the athlete’s preferred style, with the addition of the following elements:

  • training
  • nutrition
  • recovery

The Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator gives you a comprehensive view of the actions and habits that affect an athlete’s wellbeing. In addition to the Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator, you can take advantage of the coach’s preferred style profile to understand your own preferred style.

Is this how you are thinking now?

”My job is to be a good expert; I really don’t need a profile.”

We each have our own preferred style, meaning we always see the world through our own glasses. It is important for a coach to identify and understand their own preferred style. If the client’s preferred style is different from that of the coach, it’s a good idea to tweak your interactions a bit.

Our sports-related profiles.

  • Athlete’s Wellbeing Navigator
  • The coach’s preferred style
  • Team resilience

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