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Move in your own preferred style and enjoy exercise!

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With a personal huco move profile you will find a way to exercise that is motivating and appropriate for your style. With the huco move profile, you can set goals that motivate you and monitor your achievements.

huco move

Do you know that.

huco move-profile

  • shows the factors behind your motivation
  • helps you set the right goals for you
  • helps you make an exercise plan that works for you
  • shows you how to monitor your exercise progress
  • shows you how your exercise style changes under pressure.


The secret of long-term and successful exercise is finding one’s own natural style of exercising and identifying personal motivational factors, especially when it comes to maintaining exercise motivation.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

The secret to starting to exercise regularly is finding your own preferred style and identifying your own personal motivational factors. To stay motivated, it’s important to set the right kind of goals, make the right kind of exercise plan, and track progress in a way that suits your own style. Different styles have different attitudes toward goals, plans, and feedback. Help is particularly needed to support motivation and self-management.

If one has already bad experiences with exercise in the past, special care must be taken to find a meaningful and natural way to start exercising again. Starting exercising through popular sports or a friend’s favorite sport which doesn’t fit your preferred style can bring up experiences of failure that will soon form barriers to any exercise at all.

Active sports enthusiasts often get stuck in certain sports, which makes the hobby tedious and can lead to a decrease in enthusiasm. Versatile exercise brings the best results in the long run.

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