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Joulun herkuttelut ja aktiivinen tammikuu

Indulging in Christmas Delights and an Active January

The magic of Christmas wraps us in its soft embrace, and we indulge with pleasure in various Christmas treats. December days are often filled with delicious meals, sweet pastries, and relaxation in the corner of the sofa, and that’s a good thing because we need time for a slower pace as well. Although the Christmas season is also full of joy and treats, it’s important to remember that balance is the key.

The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting

Unveiling the Silent Threat: The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting and How to Break Free

In our fast-paced, modern world, the convenience of technology has made our lives easier but at a hidden cost — a sedentary lifestyle. As we spend more hours working behind desks, commuting in cars, and relaxing on sofas, the health implications of prolonged sitting are emerging as a silent threat to our well-being. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various aspects of why too much sitting is bad for us, exploring both the physical and mental health consequences.

huco move

The joy of the exercising cannot be found in other people’s recipes

Use the power of initial enthusiasm to find your own exercising style. With the initial enthusiasm, the following of a recipe – every recipe – is successful when the energy speaks of the enthusiasm of determination and willpower. However, following the recipe will not lead to strengthening motivation in the long run, unless you accidentally managed to find one that supports your own style.

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