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A workshop that really has an impact

A wellbeing workshop for your team

How well do your staff work? Is there enough energy to complete tasks easily or do they take the easiest way?

We provide wellbeing workshops, coaching and surveys to help participants find their strengths, development areas and their personal way of adopting the basis of wellbeing.

The content of the workshop and coaching is tailored to match the needs of the participants.

Wellbeing navigator survey give a report about current healthy life style habits and routines. That information is used to create personalized wellbeing plans.

Depending on the need we offer personal and/or team resilience surveys, workshops and coaching.

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Do you know that.

The joy of exercise can be completely or temporarily lost because of bad experiences? Eating habits can become bad quickly and there is no return to the former pattern in a hurry. Alternatively, everything may be fine. In both cases, everyone deserves the opportunity to focus on their own wellbeing, to take care of themselves for a moment – to prioritize their minds and their only bodies.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

Even if everything seems to be in order now, every employee deserves the opportunity to focus on their own wellbeing from time to time. To help them take more care of themselves, and to stay healthy, productive, and motivated in the long run, support can be provided. This must be taken into account on both a mental and physical level.
We won’t make you go on a run with your staff. We’ll start a more active life at the heart of it all, using each unique person’s preferred style.

In the workshop, we will also reach those who are not otherwise enthusiastic about the sports activities offered by the company.

We have an extensive network of wellbeing professionals, if you want a longer-term corporate health project that includes exercise.
Give us the opportunity to strengthen the wellbeing of your staff in a meaningful and effective way. Lets create a strong foundation for holistic well-being.

Workshops can be one-off or a combination of several workshops.

Our workshop concepts are impressive. The attached result is from a 12-week corporate health program, which was aimed at inactive people.
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