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Embark on Your Unique Fitness Adventure

I want to start exercising

Discover the Joy of Exercise with a Personalized Approach

We believe that exercise should be a blast for everyone – it’s not just about breaking a sweat in the gym; it’s about discovering what genuinely resonates with you and leaves you feeling fantastic.

Uncover your preferred style with the innovative huco profiles and conquer your personal goals, whether they’re visible milestones or simply about how good you feel. With our unwavering support, transform exercise into a source of joy in your life.

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Keen to begin your exercise journey? Here are some scenarios.

I want to start exercising, but do any of these sound familiar?

  • Tried exercising but always hit a roadblock? It’s time to find an approach that keeps you going strong.
  • Not feeling the exercise vibe, even when friends are raring to go? Let’s uncover what ignites your motivation and gets you moving.
  • Struggling to lace up and hit the pavement? We’ll guide you to discover movement that excites you, ensuring you keep coming back for more.

The key to change lies in understanding yourself.

  • The huco move profile is your compass to kickstarting your fitness routine. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s perfectly fine. Let’s delve into what truly sparks your motivation.
  • Wellbeing Navigator is a complete report that includes not only your preferred style but also explores exercise/non-exercise, eating and recovery habits.

Is this what you think?

”Is no-one going to ‘push’ me to move? Do I have to start by myself?”

No one else can really give you the motivation to start exercising or, especially, to keep on exercising. Motivation starts with knowing yourself and identifying your own motivators. The preferred style will show you what these are.

Did you know...

  • The huco move profile is exclusively designed for exercise and sports? It’s crafted to help you find the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.
  • The huco move profile from Finland bagged an award in 2011? Yes, it’s been acknowledged for its effectiveness in getting people moving and sticking to their exercise routines.
  • The Wellbeing Navigator goes beyond exercise, diving into eating and rest habits along with your unique style. It’s not just about exercise; it’s a holistic well-being approach that considers your preferences.

Get motivated with your style

We think being motivated is important, and your style can help. Find the style that’s right for you and let’s make exercising a part of your lifestyle that you genuinely look forward to.


Encouraging and relaxed atmosphere motivates.
Find an encouraging and relaxed group or ask a friend or family member to join you. Find out and appreciate your strengths, learn to use them. Be spontaneous and enjoy trying new. Make sure there is an attractive surrounding, like out in the nature or music. Have fun.


Vision, options and new ideas motivate.
Make sure you see the big picture and vision. Look for new, trendy and creative ways. You appreciate being independent or with other likeminded people, who think fast and enjoy challenges. Find ways to be flexible and leave room for last minute changes, keep you options open.


Theory, statistics and
measured results motivate.
Set realistic goals and milestones. Be realistic, find out facts and statistics of what is possible for you. Measure progress with technical device or software. Make sure you use your time in an efficient way to get results. You have a strong need to know and thus approach new things often critically.


Good planning, clarity and knowing ’how to’ motivates.
Find out what needs to be done and how to do it. Get clear instructions and guidance set a realistic schedule. Make a plan and create good routines. Reflect and learn from experience and what has worked well. Focus on positive but create plans for the unexpected to overcome them.

We all have some of each style, but some are more important for keeping you going.

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Ps. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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