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Start an active life in a way that suits you.

I want to start exercising

We believe that everyone can enjoy exercise.

Find your own unique style with huco profiles and achieve personal goals that fit your style – whether they are easy to measure or are feelings-related goals.

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Do you recognize yourself from these descriptions?

  • I have started exercising lots of times and then stopped again.
  • Somehow, I just don’t find the motivation to exercise, even though some of my friends do.
  • I just can’t get myself up, out, and jogging.

Understanding yourself is the key to change.

  • The huco move profile will help you identify your preferred motivating style and start exercising. Something that works for one person might not work for everyone.
  • Wellbeing Navigator is a complete report that includes not only your preferred style but also explores exercise/non-exercise, eating and recovery habits.

Is this what you think?

”Is no-one going to ‘push’ me to move? Do I have to start by myself?”

No one else can really give you the motivation to start exercising or, especially, to keep on exercising. Motivation starts with knowing yourself and identifying your own motivators. The preferred style will show you what these are.

Did you know that...

  • the huco move profile is the only preferred style tool tailored to exercising/sports?
  • the huco move profile is Finnish and it won the Sport Product of the Year award in 2011?
  • the Wellbeing Navigator is the only survey that combines the three pillars of physical wellbeing with the preferred style?
Or take a closer look at the profiles that work for you:​
  • exercise as part of active lifestyle
  • huco move
  • Wellbeing Navigator

Ps. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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