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Achieve even more as an athlete.

hucosport PRO

Understand how motivation is generated and maintained in sports


hucosport PRO

The Hucosport PRO profile offers an individualized approach to finding a motivating way to train and compete in your own natural style. Building and sustaining motivation are key factors that impact an athlete’s success and development. When a training program is designed and implemented based on your inherent strengths, competing allows for more effective utilization of mental resources, increasing the chances of achieving set goals.

Goals and planning

Every athlete’s goal is victory. With the Hucosport PRO profile, you can find the motivating way that suits you to set and track your goals. Regular evaluation and monitoring of goals support your motivation throughout your sporting journey.

Through the profile, a coach can design a training program that supports your natural strengths and style of play. This helps athletes identify their own motivational factors, find their comfort zones in training, and strengthen their self-leadership in competitive situations.


For the coach, the profile provides a deep understanding of the athlete’s nature and motivation, enabling individualized guidance and support. It also helps the coach understand different styles within the team and under pressure, such as in competitive situations.

Profile is not a valuation

The hucosport PRO profile does not assess athletic ability or success but focuses on identifying individual style traits. All styles can be equally effective in sports, provided you recognize your strengths and potential pitfalls.

Additionally, the profile sheds light on how your style changes under pressure, such as in competitive situations. The updated Hucosport PRO profile has been developed in collaboration with coaches from the Santasport Olympic Training Center.

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