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huco move – exercise style profile

Move in your own preferred style and enjoy physical activity! Find a suitable and motivating way to engage in exercise through your personal huco move profile.

59,00  incl. VAT (24% Finland)

Move in your own style and experience the joy of exercise through the huco move exercise style profile!

Your personal huco move exercise style profile helps you find a motivating and personalized way to enjoy physical activity.

Huco move profile:

  • Reveals the factors behind your motivation
  • Helps set suitable goals for you
  • Guides you in creating an exercise plan that suits you
  • Shows how to track your progress in exercise
  • Provides insight into how your exercise style reacts to different pressure situations.

The secret to successful and consistent exercise lies in discovering your natural exercise style and identifying personal motivation factors, especially in the ability to maintain exercise motivation.

To maintain exercise motivation, it is important to set the right goals, create the right exercise plan, and monitor progress correctly, tailored to your style. Different exercise styles respond differently to goals, plans, guidance, and feedback. Especially support for motivation and self-management is needed. Huco Move is a tool that helps each individual find motivating factors and, most importantly, goals that are suitable for them.

If there have been negative experiences related to exercise in the past, it is essential to be particularly careful in enabling a meaningful and natural way to start exercising (again).

What you get:

  1. The huco move profile based on an online survey, describing your natural style of movement
  2. Your huco move profile and the workbook by email.
  3. Tips on what you should do to find your own exercise style.


Service flow:

After ordering the service, you will receive a personal link to your email within 24 hours to start the survey. (If you have a webmail address, check your spam folder if necessary, as some webmail services automatically put emails containing links into the spam folder.)
After completing the survey, you will receive your own huco pove profile and a workbook in your email, helping you progress on your well-being path (printable PDF).

Price: €59,- including VAT and shipping costs by email in PDF format.

Invest in your well-being now and take the first step towards a more active life!