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Wellbeing Navigator

The WELLBEING NAVIGATOR provides a comprehensive overview of your current wellbeing situation and the strengths you have at the moment. To enable success, you identify areas that need attention first. Change begins with insight – to find the best path towards wellbeing, you need to know where you are starting your journey.

99,00  incl. VAT (24% Finland)

Through WELLBEING NAVIGATOR, you will discover a tailored path towards better wellbeing specifically for you. The change starts with realization – that’s why we offer you tools to identify the best way to your wellbeing.

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR is based on an online survey, describing your:

  • Preferred style
  • Eating habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Rest and recovery


What you get


Your personal WELLBEING NAVIGATOR report:

  • In PDF format.


Individual tips in the workbook:

  • Guidance on what to do first and how.


The WELLBEING NAVIGATOR provides a comprehensive picture of your current situation and strengths. Your results are compared to official recommendations, and together we consider how you can improve potentially weaker areas.

The WELLBEING NAVIGATOR identify key factors affecting your success and focus on them first. You gain a clear understanding of what you need to change first for your wellbeing to improve naturally.

The WELLBEING NAVIGATOR also goes through your preferred style to use this information to strengthen your motivation and find wellbeing-supporting practices that are suitable for you. We understand that maintaining motivation is crucial, and that’s why we offer tailored tips and guidance just for you.

Your natural style tells what kind of information you need to reinforce your motivation and how you should act to ensure your motivation doesn’t fade along the way.

Service flow

After ordering the service, you will receive a personal link to your email within 24 hours to start the survey. (If you have a webmail address, check your spam folder if necessary, as some webmail services automatically put emails containing links into the spam folder.)

After completing the survey, you will receive your own WELLBEING NAVIGATOR and the workbook in your email, helping you progress on your wellbeing path (printable PDF).

Price: €99,- including VAT and shipping costs by email in PDF format.

Invest in your well-being now and take the first step towards a better life!